About Me

Bishop Butler Arkansas is a young man who is just starting out on his own. He is focusing on work and school right now in the hopes that if he works hard, he will be able to finish college and get a job in a field that interests him. He plans to use that position to leave his mark on the world after that. He may still need to plan out his whole life, as do many young people, but he has the drive to know he can do big things. This page tells you a little bit more about Bishop Butler, who he is, and where he wants to go.

Education before Bishop Butler went to Benton High School in Benton, Arkansas, to finish his education. He got his diploma with an A in the spring of 2020. Even though finishing high school may not seem like a big deal, there are a few things that make Mr. Butler stand out. First of all, he graduated from high school just as the Coronavirus pandemic hit and stopped everything. Even though there was a lot of uncertainty at the time, he finished his schoolwork and got a good grade on it. He was also one of the top five candidates for the National Merit Scholarship. This is a big accomplishment that less than 1% of high school students in the United States reach. For this award to be given to you, you need to have good grades, high PSAT/NMSQT test scores, and important things you've done.

Current Position Bishop is glad that he can work and go to college full-time at the same time. He started working as a busser for the Olive Garden restaurant chain in the year 2020. After only eight short months, he was able to get a raise and is now a server. He has worked there for a little more than 11 months. He wants to work after he finishes college, even though it might not be in the industry. He has met interesting people, which has helped him learn how to take care of and serve customers. In the long run, this will help him a lot.

Good deeds, Bishop Butler Arkansas thinks that helping others is very important. Due to the Coronavirus and the fact that he works full-time and goes to school full-time, he hasn't been able to volunteer as much as he would like. But he hopes that once his schedule calms down a bit, he'll be able to help the community again. Mr. Butler has done a lot of volunteer work in the past. He helped out at his home church by running the camera. His job was to record services at the church. He also went to nursing homes and played piano for the people who lived there. Before he went to college, he helped out in these ways for about ten years.

Bishop Butler wants his life to go after college. Bishop Butler doesn't know where his life will take him, just like a lot of other young people. He does like to play video games, play chess, and play sports, though. He wants to finish his degree in computer science and see where that takes him. He has applied for a summer internship with NASA and is now waiting to find out if he will get the chance. He hopes that getting a job will give him more opportunities in the future.

People often think that their late teens and early twenties are some of the best years of their lives. But this age group faces a lot of problems and obstacles. The spread of the Coronavirus, higher tuition costs, and technological advances are all changing the country as a whole. Younger people have to get used to these changes quickly. Bishop and Butler. Even though he is young, he is determined. He hopes that if he works very hard, the University of Arkansas will give him a chance to get a degree in computer science. He plans to use his degree to do something he's really interested in and help make the world a better place once he gets it.

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